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Organic Hemp Facial Rounds - 20 (Reusable)
Organic Hemp Facial Rounds - 20 (Reusable)

Organic Hemp Facial Rounds - 20 (Reusable)

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20 Organic Reusable Hemp Cotton Makeup Remover Pads in a washable Organic Cotton Mesh Bag. 

  • 20 Soft Exfoliating Hemp Pads (70% Hemp, 30% Cotton)
  • 1 100% Organic Cotton Washable Mesh Bag

Our super soft makeup remover pads are made of a blend of Natural Hemp Fiber & Organic Cotton making them suitable for any skin type. All Pads are machine washable on cold cycle in the provided Cotton Mesh Bag and are recommended to air dry.

Protect our environment with this simple switch and save tons of landfill waste. One-time-use disposable cotton rounds have a blend of Rayon in them, which is a type of plastic. These will never fully break down. Cotton itself is also extremely water intensive to use for one-time-use products. Our rounds are reusable hundreds, if not, thousands of times! This saves more waste ending up in our landfills. Completely compostable.