The Birth of Cypress Soleil Naturals

The Birth of Cypress Soleil Naturals

Even with the increase in "natural" products on the market, most still include chemicals or harsh ingredients for your hair, body and overall health. The creation of Cypress Soleil Naturals aims to provide 100% natural products without hidden ingredients. 

A few years back I created Cypress Soleil Naturals, but became distracted due to being a full time college student. I put a hold on the entire concept, but would always circle back around to it. This year I decided to just let it be and finally DO it. Without a second thought in my head I started back making my herbal hair products from all natural and organic ingredients.

I chose to use my name as the product line name because of the meaning. "Cypress" is a type of tree and its symbolism is among those of the most ancient. These trees are known for their striking height, growing around 80 feet tall in pyramid-like shapes, as well as their link to immortality. Many people believe the cypress tree "stands between the worlds and invites humans to ponder the deeper meaning underlying their experience." It is also said that "as a potent reminder of life and death, the cypress tree stands between the worlds, literally and figuratively pointing toward immortality and hope as a powerful response to human mourning." These evergreen conifers are not only beautiful and deeply rooted, but they keep their deep green color all year. The tree and its roots represent your hair and their roots. In order for your hair to grow and truly be healthy, you must nurture your roots. 

"Soleil" translates to "sun" in French. The perfect balance of nature is the earth and sky in all of its natural form. The sun represents success, abundance and radiance as well as joy. It is the source of all life on Earth, but also is a representation of life energy itself. When you begin to align yourself, happiness becomes natural and flows freely. 

Being deeply rooted and aligning yourself to be a source of positive energy correlates to my hair care product line in the sense that what you nurture will grow. The trees and the sun need each other to function accordingly. Just as your roots need to be properly taken care of in order for your hair to radiate, they both require nurturing and environmental consciousness. Everything we were given does not last forever and the same goes for the planet we were given. Earth is not indestructible, therefore we have to be cautious of how we interact with nature and the environment. In the same sense we have to be cautious of how we treat our body internally and externally. We continue to take, but rarely ever give back and as a result destruction occurs.

While hair health is what I aim to encourage, overall health is something I advocate for as well. With this hair care product line, I work hard to plant a seed in others to be more aware of the footprint you are leaving behind. All of our products are natural, vegan and organic for the environment and for our personal health. What you put on your body directly correlates with what goes into your body and what goes back into the environment.

I hope you all enjoy this adventure as much as I do!

In Love & Health, 

Cypress Soleil 

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The men’s body wash is amazing. It smells refreshing and invigorating. I’m buying more soon!!


Can’t wait to try the men’s body wash when becomes available again!! Great insight on the earth and overall body health.


I love the botanical lip balms I purchased. They made lips feels good and love the smell. I am looking to purchasing more products in the future.


I Love The Baby Body Butter!! Smells So Good & Feels Good On My Skin! Will Be Purchasing Again! Thank You!


I have been a long time follower, soon to be first time buyer. I am so excited to try out all of your products and love that you have made a collection in your babies name. That is so amazing. You are doing great things mama!

Nicole Moore

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